Wi-Fi direct printer Drivers

Wi-Fi direct printer Drivers

Wi-Fi printers are the latest and might be the most useful technology for users. They allow users to connect their devices directly to each other by creating their own Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi direct printer devices allow users to connect their printing devices with mobile phones, cameras, and PCs to print documents directly.

Nowadays, Wi-Fi direct printer drivers are in vogue as they provide several advanced features required by modern printing.

Some of the Wi-Fi Direct printer features are as follows:

Users don’t require any internet connection to connect their devices to the printer.

Traditional printer drivers only allow connecting one device with the printer at a time. On the other hand, Wi-Fi direct printer drivers can simultaneously connect several devices and print documents.

Wi-Fi-direct can be connected anywhere and anytime, even without a Wi-Fi connection.

Along with these features, Wi-Fi-direct printer drivers offer many more benefits. However, the problem is that only a few users know about this technology, and most probably only 5% of printer users are capable of setting up Wi-Fi-direct printers.

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